Social Accountability of Private Healthcare Sector

Corporatisation in Private Hospitals Sector in India; A Case Study from Maharashtra
Author (s):
Indira Chakravarthi, Benjamin Hunter, Shweta Marathe, Susan F Murray
Published Year: March 2023
Economic & Political Weekly

Lessons from private sector engagement with COVID-19 for universal health care
Author (s):
Marathe, Shweta; Dr Shukla, Abhay
Published Year: December, 2021
The Leaflet

Lessons from COVID-19: Strengthening the public health system in India or accelerating privatisation
Author (s): 
Shweta Marathe 
Published Year: September, 2021 

BMJ GH Blog 
Neoliberalism or Participation? India’s Health System in the COVID Crisis 
Author (s):
Dr Shukla, Abhay; Marathe, Shweta
Published Year:
May, 2021
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Knowledge Product 1 – Regulation of rates in the Private healthcare sector
Author (s): Kakade, Dhananjay; Shukla, Abhay
Published Year: 
COPASAHThematic Hub

Knowledge Product 2 – Ensuring patients’ rights as a core strategy for demanding social accountability of the private healthcare sector
Author (s):
Kakade, Dhananjay; Shukla, Abhay; with inputs from Pawar, Kanchan; (SATHI)
Published Year:

COPASAH Thematic Hub

Regulation of the for-profit private healthcare sector in India: Whose voices are being heard in policy making?
Author (s): Marathe, Shweta
Published Year: September, 2020

Shapes-Featured Article Series, Health System Global

Maharashtra: COVID-19 Goes Viral in Cities, Shadow Looms Over the Countryside
Author (s):
Shukla, Abhay (Maharashtra Public Health Analysis Group)
Published Year: 
May, 2020
The Wire

Ensuring accountability and responsiveness of the private health sector in India: National workshop report
Author (s): Marathe, Shweta
Published Year: April-June, 2020
Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol V, No 2, pp. 158-160

The impacts of corporatisation of healthcare on medical practice and professionals in Maharashtra, India
Author (s): Marathe, Shweta; Benjamin M Hunter; Chakravarthi, Indira; Shukla Abhay; Susan F Murray
Published Year: February, 2020
BMJ Global Health, Vol V, Issue 2

Non-profit hospitals- subsidies for themselves, but not for patients

Author (s): Chakravarthi, Indira; Marathe, Shweta

Published Year: January 2019

Unsettling Healthcare – Regulation now! It’s time for a Clinical Establishments Act in Maharashtra

Author (s): Chakravarthi, Indira; Marathe, Shweta

Published Year: January 2019

In the Name of Charity
Author (s): Marathe, Shweta; Chakravarthi, Indira
Published Year: January, 2019
Economic & Political Weekly EPW, Vol LIV No 1, 5, pp. 17-19

Developing an approach towards Social Accountability of Private Healthcare Services
Author (s):
Phadke, Anant; More, Abhijit; Shukla, Abhay; Gadre, Arun
Published Year:
December, 2013
COPASAH Series on Social Accountability, Issue Paper 4,

Bearing Witness to Healthcare History
Author (s):
Chakravarthi, Indira; Marathe, Shweta; Benjamin, Hunter
Published Year:
July, 2018
Ensuring Accountability of Private Healthcare In India
Author (s):
Marathe, Shweta; Shukla, Abhay
Published Year:
May, 2018
Health System Global

Cut Practice in Private Healthcare
Author (s): Gadre, Arun; Sardeshpande, Nilangi
Published Year: December, 2017

Economic & Political Weekly (EPW), Vol LII No 48, 2, pp. 12-14

Policy level changes in availability of essential medicines: a descriptive study of selected PHCs from Maharashtra
Author (s):
Marathe Shweta; Yakkundi Deepali 
Published Year: March 2017–July 2017

MFC Bulletin 375-376



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