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Health Policy & Systems Research

SATHI conducts health policy and systems research across its three key work areas i.e. strengthening public health system, community action for improving child nutrition, and social accountability of the private healthcare sector. Its dedicated research team works in tandem with the action team, to ensure that research is relevant to issues emerging from community action and advocacy activities, and the work flows seamlessly across the teams. Thus, research focuses on issues arising from action, and research findings feed into further advocacy and action.

SATHI research explores and assesses the health system’s performance in implementing programs, and the impact of health policies at the field level. It provides inputs to refine community action, strengthen policy advocacy, and contributes to improving the design and implementation of health programs and policies. Our research employs relevant and novel, sometimes less known research methods and techniques such as the witness seminars –  a technique little used in LMICs until now.

Recent studies by SATHI include

  • Documenting patients’ experiences regarding healthcare services from public and private healthcare systems during the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Practices, Regulation, and Accountability in the Evolving Private Healthcare Sector: Lessons from Maharashtra State, India’.
  • Understanding challenges faced by nurses during the COVID 19 pandemic In Maharashtra Assessing and Explaining the Impact of Community Based Monitoring and Planning (CBMP) across Multiple Contexts in the State of Maharashtra.

Our research-based knowledge products reach out to a wide and diverse reader-base in the form of popular media articles, short booklets in vernacular language, research briefs, policy briefs, reports, journal articles and papers.

To date SATHI has partnered with following academic institutes, and conducted collaborative studies –

King’s College London https://unsettlinghealthcare.org/projects/corporatisation-and-regulation

Accountability Research Center (ARC), American University https:// accountabilityresearch.org

Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai https://tiss.edu

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