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Internship at SATHI

Internships with SATHI  align with its ‘pro-people’ strategy. SATHI desires to germinate its vision and values among young aspiring professionals, who get to work alongside its team of health professionals, and contribute to a health movement that fosters initiatives that promote health rights. Internships with SATHI provide opportunity and space to students, to learn about theoretical and practical aspects of health and health rights.

Application Process, Requirements, and Eligibility

  • Students studying social sciences or medicine in recognized colleges, universities and academic institutions of higher learning may apply for internship.
  • SATHI accepts a maximum of two interns at a time from a single college/ university/institution.
  • Minimum internship period is two months, during which the intern must work full time.
  • Internship applications must be forwarded by the official authority of the College/University/Institution to The Internship Coordinator of SATHI, to sathicehat@gmail.com.
  • Application must be submitted at least one month before the requested start of the internship.
    Internship may involve fieldwork in tribal and rural areas, and the intern may have to travel to or stay in these areas if required.

Documents to be submitted with application

  • Official letter from the college/ university/ institute about the intent of the internship programme, its duration and number of students who wish to join SATHI for their internship/ block placement.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae of the students/applicants for their internship/ block placement. Email address and telephone number of the student should be included in the Resume/ Curriculum Vitae.

Documents to be submitted at the time of joining the internship

  • Joining letter from the college/ university/ institution along with detailed CV
  • Feedback/ assessment form from the institute, to be filled in at SATHI, on completion of the internship/ block placement.

Selection Process

SATHI internship coordinator will forward the application letter and resume/ curriculum vitae to the Working Group (WG), the decision taking body of the organisation. The WG will select interns considering time availability for mentoring interns, and of relevant work. The decision will be conveyed to the concerned college / university / institute. A short interview of interns may be conducted before selection, to assess their capacity to work with SATHI.