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Current Projects

Health Policy & Systems Research – Current Projects


Project Title

A Critical Assessment of the Performance of the Employees State Insurance Scheme in Maharashtra State

Project Period

January 2024 – April 2025

Donor Agency

Azim Premji University as part of the Health Research Funding Programme 2023This study aims to assess the performance of India’s Employees State Insurance Scheme (ESIS), a social health insurance scheme, and provide an updated analysis of its performance, policies, and related issues in Maharashtra. Given the lack of updated analysis on the scheme, this empirical study using health systems approach, seeks to achieve four objectives- a. analysing trends in ESIS utilisation and assessing the functionality of ESIS c. examining policy development of ESIS, and d. deriving recommendations for enhancing its design and implementation. The study will employ a cross-sectional, exploratory design with plural methods incorporating quantitative and qualitative methods, including qualitative interviews of key informants, stakeholder consultation and content analysis with review of recent policies. This study will contribute to the existing scholarship on ESIS while also providing an updated analysis of its performance, policies, and related issues. Furthermore, it will offer key recommendations on actions required to expand, reform and improve ESI-related health services majorly. Overall, the study will inform policy and practice to strengthen the functioning of ESIS.