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About Us

SATHI works on health rights issues, through partnerships with civil society organisations

SATHI partners with civil society organisations to work on health rights issues, and facilitates advocacy at the local, district, state and national levels. SATHI’s rights based approach promotes the perspective that it is essential to make public health systems accountable and responsive to public needs, through organised and sustained public action, instead of looking for substitutes, or replacements for them

Our Vision

We dream of a society that has realised its right to health and health care; eliminated health inequities and structural barriers that prevent people from accessing healthy living conditions and quality health care; where people are not appendages of the healthcare system, but its prime movers, and universal access to health care is a guaranteed human right.


Our Mission

To contribute to building a ‘Health For All’ movement through collective action and research. We will collaborate with like-minded organisations, to work towards equity-based universal healthcare for all Indians


Our Strategies

Partnerships and multi-level advocacy – We partner with civil society organisations on health rights issues, and facilitate advocacy at the local, district, state and national levels.

Community-level interventions- We believe in community-level interventions, and are convinced that the most accurate analysis of social problems comes from those directly affected by them.

Action oriented Research- While SATHI’s work involves various project activities, right from its inception SATHI has been involved in systematic action-oriented research, i.e. research which culminates in focused advocacy and action.