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Previous Projects

Community Action for Nutrition – Previous Projects

Project Title
Developing capacities of ‘Save the Children’ partner organisations for Strengthening accountability of Health & Nutrition services

Project Period

November 2012- March 2013

Donor Agency

Save the Children

Key activities facilitated by SATHI under the consultancy project -“Capacity building of ‘Save the Children’ partner organisations for Strengthening accountability of Health & Nutrition services”.

Based on preliminary interaction with Save the Children, India programme leaders, as a technical group for building capacities on Health system accountability, SATHI proposes to facilitate the following activities.

  • State level workshops for representatives of civil society organizations – 3 days workshop would be organized in each intervention state. The Head of organization, project coordinator and field workers (karyakartas), who are actually going to implement the processes will be the participants for this workshop. The content of this workshop would be conceptual understanding of Health Rights, Health Advocacy, sharing of experiences and processes/methods which can be used for ensuring accountability and based on discussions and inputs in the workshop, the plan of action will be prepared by participants.

  • Mentoring of activities conducted by civil society organization in intervention areas- Mentoring of activities with the help of local resource teams/organizations within each state would be conducted. Mentoring will include regular follow up and communication with partner organization, one or two field visits as per requirement, strategic or problem solving interventions if required.

  • Exposure visits for civil society organizations – In order to understand and learn from experiences of other civil society organizations who are working on accountability, exposure visits would be organized in Maharashtra. The representatives from civil society organizations will participate in these exposure visits. These visits would be organized after state level workshops.

  • Review and assessment of activities and planning for next year- At the end state wise review and assessment of activities would be conducted. In these reviews, overall experience of civil society organizations will be shared as well as review of technical support and mentoring would be conducted. Based on these experiences and learning, next phase plan for each state would be discussed.