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Current Projects

Community Action for Nutrition – Current Projects

Project Title

Strengthening Community action for nutrition to improve child health, nutrition services, and practices and reviving food diversity in the selected habitations of Junnar and Ambegaon block of Pune district

Project Period

15th June 2023 to 14th June 2024

Donor Agency

Mukul Madhav Foundation

Addressing undernutrition through intervention specifically focused on synergy between systems strengthening approach as well as improved household nutrition practices based on food diversity and follow-up of undernourished children approach while ensuring community involvement. Gadchiroli, Palghar, Nashik, Thane, Raigad and Pune.

Broad Objectives:

  • To strengthen health and nutrition services through community participation and awareness building, and to improve household nutrition practices focussing on the nutritional needs of children under six in selected villages of Junnar and Ambegaon blocks of Pune district.
  • To address undernutrition among children under six with active community involvement.
  • To promote Nutri-garden to address food diversity.