Policy/Research Brief​

Thematic Hub on Accountability of Private Medical Sector Summary

Troubling Realities of Private Hospitals in Key South Asian Countries

To find a way out of the deepening Health Care Crisis in Maharashtra We Need a System for Universal HealthCare (UHC)
Working Paper- ThematicHub Patients Rights Regulation of Private Medical Sector

Perception of People regarding Services provided by Private Hospital in selected areas of Maharashtra

महाराष्ट्रात ‘सर्वांसाठी आरोग्यसेवेची व्यवस्था’ निर्माण करणे आवश्यक आहे!

आधी कळस मग पाया!, राजीव गांधी जीवनदायी योजना


स्वास्थ्य सेवा का अधिकार – सब को स्वास्थ्य सेवा

रुग्ण हक्कांचे पालन, चांगल्या हॉस्पिटलचे लक्षण

मला रुग्ण हक्क माहीत आहेत, तुम्हाला?

खाजगी दवाखान्यांच्या मनमानीवर इलाज काय?


Alliance of Doctors for Ethical Healthcare (ADEH)

कुठे अडकलाय? खाजगी दवाखान्यावरील नियमनाचा व रुग्ण हक्काचा कायदा _CEA

निजी स्वास्थ्य सेवा क्षेत्र की सामाजिक जवाबदेही व उसका नियन्त्रण सुनिश्चित किया जाय

Ensure Social Accountability and Regulation of the Private Health care Sector

Rajiv Arogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme AndhraPradesh


पुण्यातील रुग्णांसाठी उपयुक्त माहिती_पेशंट डायरी’

Twenty Questions and Answers on A System for Universal Health Care

खाजगी आरोग्य सेवांवर
नियंत्रणाची गरज (मोडयुल 4)

Charter of Patients Rights and Responsibilities

रुग्ण-डॉक्टर संबंधातील
हक्क व जबाबदाऱ्या

खासगी वैद्यकीय सेवेबद्दल आलेल्या अनुभवांची जनमत चाचणी


Report on Satellite session_UHC- WHO COPASAH

A Study Report – Promotional Practices of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Implementation Status of Related Regulatory Codes in India

Summary Report _ South Asia Learning Exchange Workshop on Patient's Rights and Private Medical Sector Accountability

Witness Seminar on Regulation of formal Private Healthcare providers in Maharashtra_ Journey of BNHRA PCPNDT

Witness Seminar on Private Healthcare Sector in Pune and Mumbai since the 1980s held on 24th June 2018, Mumbai

First National Conference on Ethical Healthcare, 2018_ Conference Report : 21-22 April 2018, at AIIMS

Workshop Report - South-Asia Learning Exchange Workshop on Patient’s Rights and Private Medical Sector Accountability

Research Articles​ / Papers / Blogs

Lessons from private sector engagement with COVID-19 for universal health care
Author (s):
Marathe, Shweta; Dr Shukla, Abhay

Published Year:
December, 2021
The Leaflet

Lessons from COVID-19: Strengthening the public health system in India or accelerating privatisation
Author (s): 
Shweta Marathe 
Published Year: September, 2021 

BMJ GH Blog 
Neoliberalism or Participation? India’s Health System in the COVID Crisis 
Author (s):
Dr Shukla, Abhay; Marathe, Shweta
Published Year:
May, 2021
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Knowledge Product 1 – Regulation of rates in the Private healthcare sector
Author (s): Kakade, Dhananjay; Shukla, Abhay
Published Year: COPASAHThematic Hub

Knowledge Product 2 – Ensuring patients’ rights as a core strategy for demanding social accountability of the private healthcare sector
Author (s):
Kakade, Dhananjay; Shukla, Abhay; with inputs from Pawar, Kanchan; (SATHI)
Published Year:

COPASAH Thematic Hub

Regulation of the for-profit private healthcare sector in India: Whose voices are being heard in policy making?
Author (s):
Marathe, Shweta
Published Year:
September, 2020
Shapes-Featured Article Series, Health System Global

Maharashtra: COVID-19 Goes Viral in Cities, Shadow Looms Over the Countryside
Author (s):
Shukla, Abhay (Maharashtra Public Health Analysis Group)
Published Year: 
May, 2020
The Wire

Ensuring accountability and responsiveness of the private health sector in India: National workshop report
Author (s): Marathe, Shweta
Published Year: April-June, 2020
Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol V, No 2, pp. 158-160

The impacts of corporatisation of healthcare on medical practice and professionals in Maharashtra, India
Author (s): Marathe, Shweta; Benjamin M Hunter; Chakravarthi, Indira; Shukla Abhay; Susan F Murray
Published Year: February, 2020
BMJ Global Health, Vol V, Issue 2

Non-profit hospitals- subsidies for themselves, but not for patients
Author (s): Chakravarthi, Indira; Marathe, Shweta
Published Year: January 2019
Unsettling Healthcare – Regulation now! It’s time for a Clinical Establishments Act in Maharashtra
Author (s): Chakravarthi, Indira; Marathe, Shweta
Published Year: January 2019

In the Name of Charity
Author (s): Marathe, Shweta; Chakravarthi, Indira
Published Year: January, 2019
Economic & Political Weekly EPW, Vol LIV No 1, 5, pp. 17-19

First National Conference on Ethical Healthcare (NCEH) 2018, Alliance of Doctors for Ethical Healthcare (ADEH), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, 21-22 April, 2018
Author (s):
Gadre, Arun; Marathe, Shweta
Published Year:
 July/August, 2018
The National Medical Journal of India Vol. 31, No. 4, pp 239-240
Bearing Witness to Healthcare History
Author (s):
Chakravarthi, Indira; Marathe, Shweta; Benjamin, Hunter
Published Year:
July, 2018
Ensuring Accountability of Private Healthcare In India
Author (s):
Marathe, Shweta; Shukla, Abhay
Published Year:
May, 2018
Health System Global
Making Private Health Care Accountable: Mobilising Civil Society and Ethical Doctors in India
Author (s):
Shukla, Abhay; More, Abhijit; Marathe, Shweta
Published Year:
March, 2018
IDS Bulletin, Vol. 49, No. 2, 2, pp. 129-145

Cut Practice in Private Healthcare
Author (s):
Gadre, Arun; Sardeshpande, Nilangi
Published Year: 
December, 2017
Economic & Political Weekly (EPW), Vol LII No 48, 2, pp. 12-14

Policy level changes in availability of essential medicines: a descriptive study of selected PHCs from Maharashtra
Author (s): Marathe Shweta; Yakkundi Deepali 
Published Year: March 2017–July 2017
MFC Bulletin 375-376

Complementary Feeding Practices amongst Children Aged 6-18 Months in Tribal Parts of Maharashtra, India – Requires to be Complemented Aptly
Author (s): Marathe, Shweta; Yakkundi,
Published Year:
April, 2017
International Journal of Tropical Disease 
& Health

Developing an approach towards Social Accountability of Private Healthcare Services
Author (s):
Phadke, Anant; More, Abhijit; Shukla, Abhay; Gadre, Arun
Published Year:
December, 2013
COPASAH Series on Social Accountability, Issue Paper 4,

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