Current Projects

Promoting Accountability of the private healthcare sector and patient’s rights in India

Project Duration : August 2017 to July 2018
Funded by : Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative
Goal : Promoting accountability of the private healthcare sector and implementation of patients rights in India, with a focus on the city of Pune.
a) To develop networking among medical professionals by expanding Alliance of Doctors for Ethical Healthcare and, with the objective to strengthen alternative voice within the medical profession for rational, ethical healthcare while highlighting few key medical issues of national importance and demanding key policy changes
b) To develop a state level campaign in Maharashtra, for ensuring accountability and regulation of the private medical sector, focused on protection of patients’ rights, with emphasis on use of social media.
c) To initiate / foster citizen action group or Citizen-Doctor forum in city of Pune, to develop awareness and local dialogue on key health advocacy issues, while disseminating the emerging experiences to a few more cities of the state.
d) To enable CSOs in Maharashtra to engage with Maharashtra Medical Council regarding enforcement of code of medical ethics
e) To explore and document various legal options available, with the objective of strengthening patient's rights campaign, with focus on Maharashtra
f) To document marketing practices by the pharmaceutical industry and their implications for citizens and patients in India, through a systematic study
g) To spread awareness about patient's rights, code of medical ethics, need for standardization of private healthcare and reforms in medical councils by effectively utilizing social media platforms.

Expected Outcomes:
1) The newly formed national network of doctors for de-commercialized, rational and ethical healthcare namely 'Alliance of Doctors for Ethical Healthcare' (ADEH) would be expanded, strengthened through meetings with doctors across several states, and National conference of this network will be organised. SATHI would be anchoring the national secretariat of this network.
2) This network will undertake policy advocacy to promote rational, ethical medical care in India. Quarterly online newsletter of this network will be launched and widely disseminated among doctors across India.
3) Citizens action groups or Citizens-Doctors Forums will be started / strengthened in five cities/districts in Maharashtra; they will be oriented about patient's rights, free beds for poor patients under charitable trust hospitals scheme, code of medical ethics, role and functioning of Maharashtra Medical Council, need to standardize and regulate care given through private hospitals, and need to reform functioning of the medical council.
4) These citizen action groups will undertake grassroot level activities to demand and spread awareness about patient's rights, need to regulate private hospitals, and need to reform medical councils, while bridging gaps between rational, ethical doctors and citizens.
5) Legal consultation and meeting with legal experts will be conducted to brainstorm about available legal remedies for patient's rights campaign in India and especially Maharashtra, leading to ‘Legal brief on Patients rights’ which would be disseminated to concerned civil society networks.
6) A report based on study on 'Documenting marketing practices in the pharmaceutical industry in India and its implications' will be published.
7) Patient's rights, code of medical ethics and related issues will be propagated through social media platforms. Website of ADEH namely will be launched, and another website namely will be updated regularly. Both these websites will be actively promoted.

Anusandhan Trust

Anusandhan Trust, a public trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, (Registration No: E-13480), runs two centres namely: CEHAT based in Mumbai and SATHI in Pune.

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